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slides from my talks at the mysql users conference 2006

short and simple: “embedding mysql” and “practical i18n with php and mysql.”

the i18n talk seemed to go over pretty well, and i only ran a few minutes short. the embedding talk is yet to come, and will run really, really short.

i would recommend the scale out panel instead.

no oscon for me

the o’reilly open source conference 2006 schedule is out, and i’m not on it. (i got my rejection letter yesterday.) here’s the talk i had proposed:

“22 Small Features in MySQL”

Did you know the mysql command-line client could save you from accidently nuking whole tables with errant DELETE statements? What about how the ability to change data being loaded using the LODA DATA statement that was added in MySQL 5.0?

In this session, we'll look at these and twenty (or more) small features of MySQL and its supporting programs. Some are old classics, and some are new additions to MySQL that you might not have noticed behind all the big new features.

oh well. after the upcoming mysql users conference, i think i’m doing with conference speaking. i just don’t enjoy it any more.

one month to go

mysql users conference 2006 the mysql users conference 2006 is only a month away. i’m just going to be dropping in for one day to give two talks — “embedding mysql” and “practical i18n with php and mysql.”

there is also a great lineup of other speakers, tutorials, and keynotes. i’m going to miss the keynote by mark shuttleworth, but i am looking forward to the keynote by the founder of rightnow.

the truth is out there

andi gutmans handles questions i talked at scale 4x, and you can download the exciting slides. the picture is of future oracle employee and zend co-founder andi gutmans, and there are a few more pictures from the first day.

(neither andi nor dave from sleepycat admitted to the imminent acquisitions of their companies by oracle.)

see the live show

i’ll be giving a talk about the latest mysql features at the southern california linux expo next month (out near lax), and then giving at least one talk (on embedded mysql) at the mysql users conference 2006 in april up in the bay area.

early admission for both conferences is still available. scale4x is $50 until january 16 (or less if you get your hands on a promotional code), the mysql users conference is $945 until march 6 (with various discounts available, like the 15% o’reilly conference alumni discount).

poking around on the presentation zen site has me thinking about how i may prepare for possible talks at upcoming conferences. one thing that would be nice is to have a cordless way of advancing slides, and the logitech 2.4 ghz cordless presenter looks perfect, but for this question in their faq:

Q: Will this work with the Mac?
A: Unfortunately, it will not. Since nearly all business presenters use PowerPoint on Windows PCs, we are focusing on the largest presentation market.

too bad. i really like the built-in timer and vibrate mode. (or at least the idea of it.)

mysql is looking to hire a community relations person in the united states.

oh, and the mysql users conference 2006 was announced, and the call for papers is out. the deadline for submissions is november 7.

here are the slides from my “embedded mysql” talk. they probably aren’t terribly interesting on their own.

mike hillyer posted the sessions he plans to attend at the mysql users conference, and that seems like a good idea to me. so here’s mine (excluding the keynotes), with almost no overlap with mike’s list:

of course, i’ll probably only end up attending about half of these. best laid plans, and all that.

mysql users conference 2005 i got suckered into agreed to pick up some slack at this year’s mysql user conference, and will be giving a talk on “embedded mysql.”

the conference should be a lot of fun this year — from what i’ve heard, the number of signups has been huge, and we’re still four weeks away. one of the tutorials, advanced mysql performance optimization, is already sold out. being back in the bay area is definitely a good thing for this sort of conference.

wait, did someone just say four weeks away? i guess i need to figure out what this embedded mysql stuff is all about.

i’ll also be doing what is called guru best practices: php with andi gutmans.