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cheap date

cheap date

before we brought wonton home, we picked up a few dog toys. and we’ve added a few more since then. but his new favorite toy is wadded-up pieces of packing paper from amazon. he almost knows how to play fetch with them.

and the first time he chased one down, but kept kicking away with his paws before he could snatch it up in his mouth, was one of the most adorable puppy moments you could have ever seen.

poking around on the presentation zen site has me thinking about how i may prepare for possible talks at upcoming conferences. one thing that would be nice is to have a cordless way of advancing slides, and the logitech 2.4 ghz cordless presenter looks perfect, but for this question in their faq:

Q: Will this work with the Mac?
A: Unfortunately, it will not. Since nearly all business presenters use PowerPoint on Windows PCs, we are focusing on the largest presentation market.

too bad. i really like the built-in timer and vibrate mode. (or at least the idea of it.)