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a mountain so high

greg knauss wrote “wide vs. deep” to explain why he is not happy being management, and what he thinks the difference is between people well-suited to management and those that are not.

i don’t know if i agree with his explanation, but i think it is very important for organizations to realize that there cannot be only one career path that leads up through management. to mysql’s credit, the recent work that was done to standardize our job titles and the path up the ranks acknowledges this, and there is a non-management path for developers. i don’t think we are quite where we need to be in terms of divorcing technical leadership from resource management, but we are getting there.

and mysql is hiring for all sorts of positions.

jobs at mysql

mysql has quite a few open job listings. some positions of note: web developer, support engineer, maintenance developer, qa engineer, and performance architect. all of these positions are available world-wide, so you get to work from home. some of the other jobs from the full list are location-specific.

if you mention that i referred you for some of these positions and are then hired, i get some sort of referral bonus.

being known for being you

mike kruckenberg shared his observations from watching mysql source code commits, and jay pipes commented about this commit from antony curtis which had him excited. now that’s how open source is supposed to work, at least in part.

i replied to a later version of that commit to our internal developer list (and antony), pointing out that with just a little effort the comment would be more useful to people outside of the development team. “plugin server variables” doesn’t really do it justice, and “WL 2936” is useful to people who can access our internal task tracking tool, but does no good to people like mike.

the other reason it is good to engage the community like this is because it is very healthy for your own future. being able to point to the work i had done on open source and the networking that came from that have both been key factors in getting jobs for me. i’m sure it will be useful next time i am looking, too.

mysql is looking for a north american mysql community relations manager. quality assurance engineer is another position available, and there are more listed on the website.

mysql is looking to hire a community relations person in the united states.

oh, and the mysql users conference 2006 was announced, and the call for papers is out. the deadline for submissions is november 7.

more jobs at mysql

it occurred to me that i mentioned the product engineer position, but there are a number of other jobs at mysql that are open, including web developer.

if you love fiddling around with various strange unix flavors (and microsoft windows) and slowly trying to obsolete yourself with perl scripts, product engineer for mysql ab might be the job for you.

if you fulfill the job requirements (especially the work on-site bit) and don’t mind a little not-safe-for-work content as part of your work environment, this junior mod_perl/mysql programmer job in chatsworth might be for you.