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better out-of-the-box mysql support for ruby on rails

activerecord now supports mysql 4.1 (and later) out of the box whether you are using new or old-style passwords, because they applied my patch for handling the related protocol changes correctly.

(it’s not quite out-of-the-box yet — the fix will appear in the next major release of rails, i guess. it’s fixed in their repository.)

now if only the upstream developer would show signs of life, and get that fixed. i’d complain about that more, but there’s a lot of windows around here.

don’t bother paddling upstream

so turns out that the ruby on rails developers had already added 4.1 authentication support for their bundled version of ruby/mysql, but they’ve found the upstream maintainer as unresponsive as i have. their implementation wasn’t quite complete, so i’ve submitted a patch to round it out.

the version included with ruby on rails doesn’t include the test suite, though.

more ruby/mysql love

i’ve updated my patch for new-style mysql authentication for ruby/mysql, with a new test case for the change_user method (and support for same with new authentication).

i’ve even tested this against a 4.0 server, so i’m pretty sure i didn’t break anything.

new-style mysql authentication in pure ruby

ruby has two modules for connecting to mysql. one is called mysql/ruby and is built in top of the standard libmysqlclient c library. the other is called ruby/mysql and is pure ruby. the problem with the latter is that it is a from-scratch implementation of the mysql network protocol, and the authentication handshake changed in mysql 4.1.

but here is a patch to add support for new-style mysql authentication to ruby/mysql. it should also deal with the other protocol changes that came along at the same time. it doesn’t do anything to expose server-side prepared statements.

it is only lightly tested. in particular, i haven’t tried to connect to a pre-4.1 version of the server. it should still work, but it is entirely possible i screwed it up. i’m also still just learning ruby, so there are some ugly bits.

i think having more from-scratch implementations of the protocol is a good thing. there’s at least five — the server code itself (and client library), connector/j, connector/net, ruby/mysql, and Net::MySQL (perl). once we have these all collected into an integration test suite, the server developers will get much better feedback when they go off the reservation with the protocol.

where should i be lurking?

trying to find places where people talk about using python, ruby, and php with mysql has been a bit of a challenge.

the problem on the php side is that php forum on forums.mysql.com is so filled with pre-beginner-level questions that it’s barely worth it for me to spend my time digging through it.

for python, the python forum on forums.mysql.com is nearly a ghost town. the forums for the mysql-python project seem slightly active, but the sourceforge forum interface is just bad. (not that any web-based forum isn’t starting from a bad place.) the db-sig mail archives also have some interesting discussions.

for ruby, the ruby forum on forums.mysql.com is even quieter than the python one, and i haven’t found anywhere else.

another thing i’ll take a look at is apr_dbd_mysql, which is not part of the main apr-util repository because of licensing issues (ugh).

where else should i be looking?

more technobabble

working on the mysql bugs system filled the transition from me working on falcon to joining the connectors team, where i’ll be focusing on the connectivity for scripting languages.

my initial focus will be on python, ruby, and php. i haven’t figured out exactly what it is that i’ll be doing, but a likely candidate for my first big task will be building out the test suites for these so that they can eventually become part of our build verification process.


tim bray coined MARS: it stands for “mysql + apache + ruby + solaris.” (get the shirt.)

bill de hóra proposed MADD: “mysql + apache + django + debian.”

when forwarding the above to an internal mailing list at mysql, i proposed MAUDE: “mysql + apache + ubuntu + django + eclipse.” the logo would be a picture of bea arthur, of course.

but mårten mickos, ceo of mysql, came up with MARTEN: “mysql + apache + ruby + tomcat + eclipse + nagios.”

or would that be åpache?