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the downside to watching live football games is having to see the same commercials over and over again. but one commercial i keep seeing that i actually like is the dockers commercial set in san francisco. it’s a great confluence of perfect music, a beautiful setting, and a nice little story.

if companies were smart, they would put good versions of their ads up on their websites. you can view a tiny, crappy version of the dockers ads on their site, or there’s a better link to one of the versions in the sfist article. i’d imagine that the cost of putting it online would be a drop in the bucket compared to actually getting it on the air, and there’s a chance you will actually get people seeking out your commercial.

it can also be entertaining to spot the commercials shot in downtown los angeles. it seems like at least half of the car commercials that show any sort of urban setting are shot here, and about half of those include shots within a few blocks of my apartment.

recipe for a better day

  1. take the day off work
  2. watch the vikings eke out another win
  3. go see i see hawks in l.a. play at the echo
  4. discover the chapin sisters

this star tribune article has some of the wacky stats from sunday’s vikings-giants game. but the only one that really matters is the score. next week is a monday night game against the cheeseheads.

culpepper will miss the remainder of the season, pretty much guaranteeing that the rest of the season is going to be exceptionally painful to watch. i’m so glad i sprung for the sunday ticket package now.

i may have to rethink my policy of not starting to drink until after half time.

i was checking out the schedule of nfl games on fox 11 for the rest of the season, and when i realized that i was only going to get to see maybe three or four more vikings games this year, i decided i had to take drastic measures to rectify that.

time to stock up on cider.


happy day — vikes v. bucs was selected for broadcast this sunday. it’s the early game, at the unholy time of 10am. there’s not much risk i won’t be awake by then, but watching football before noon still feels wrong to me.

jay mohr on why fantasy football is good for the nfl: “due to the intense study and preparation for a fantasy draft, i can meet anyone from anywhere in the country and talk knowledgeable, intelligent football with them. unless they’re from cleveland.”

you can vote for what nfc games you want to see on the los angeles fox affiliate this sunday. i’m not holding out much hope that the vikings v. bucs will be one of them. i suspect the first game i’ll get to see will be their home game against the saints, because i will be in minnesota that weekend.

football season is nigh — the vikings have already won one meaningless preseason game, and their second meaningless preseason game against the new york jets will actually be on cbs on friday night.

looking at the regular season schedule, it seems there’s only two other games that will obviously be nationally broadcast — a monday night game against the packers, and a sunday night game on christmas against the ravens.

the new ownership might be good for the vikings, although they don’t win any points for expecting two-thirds of the new stadium costs to be picked up by taxpayers. but at least they’re saying the right things about moving the team being off the table.

as nice as it might be to have a football team in los angeles again, i don’t think i could have ever come to terms with it being yet another team stolen from minnesota.