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becoming more sinister

to kill time, one of the things i’ve been doing is throwing a ball against a wall in my apartment. but i’ve been throwing left-handed, even though i am right-handed.

i have put a lot of practice into throwing right-handed over my life, without ever really giving it much thought. (and by that i mean it is something i have done a lot, not some skill i have been cultivating.) and all that practice translates into throwing right-handed being an essentially thoughtless, natural-feeling act.

throwing left-handed does not really feel like that, although with just a little practice i can sort of feel how the mechanics are the same (if backwards). but both the wind-up and follow-through still feel strange.

according to an old article in the atlantic monthly, john goodman had to learn to throw (and hit) left-handed for the babe, in which he played babe ruth. after the movie was released, he said “i’ll never say something like ‘he throws like a girl’ again. it’s not easy to learn how to throw.”

this star tribune article has some of the wacky stats from sunday’s vikings-giants game. but the only one that really matters is the score. next week is a monday night game against the cheeseheads.

culpepper will miss the remainder of the season, pretty much guaranteeing that the rest of the season is going to be exceptionally painful to watch. i’m so glad i sprung for the sunday ticket package now.

i may have to rethink my policy of not starting to drink until after half time.

i was checking out the schedule of nfl games on fox 11 for the rest of the season, and when i realized that i was only going to get to see maybe three or four more vikings games this year, i decided i had to take drastic measures to rectify that.

time to stock up on cider.


happy day — vikes v. bucs was selected for broadcast this sunday. it’s the early game, at the unholy time of 10am. there’s not much risk i won’t be awake by then, but watching football before noon still feels wrong to me.

jay mohr on why fantasy football is good for the nfl: “due to the intense study and preparation for a fantasy draft, i can meet anyone from anywhere in the country and talk knowledgeable, intelligent football with them. unless they’re from cleveland.”

you can vote for what nfc games you want to see on the los angeles fox affiliate this sunday. i’m not holding out much hope that the vikings v. bucs will be one of them. i suspect the first game i’ll get to see will be their home game against the saints, because i will be in minnesota that weekend.

wow. just wow.

“Thanks for that stupid woman that you call council member to vote against the baseball stadium. Do you really think that that dumbass jungle monkey and her socialist ways is going to win? Why are you people full of envy for upstarting and growing a community that needs something like this? No wonder so many of you kill each other, none of you don't have brains and feed off like animals. Nice job socialists!!!!” — e-mail to D.C. Council Chairman Linda Cropp at 8:26 a.m. on Dec. 15. quoted in the washington post

wow, that is so tremendously stupid it just boggles the mind. opposing public financing for the welfare queens of major league baseball is some sort of socialist policy? someone needs to pull their head out of their ass.