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the downside to watching live football games is having to see the same commercials over and over again. but one commercial i keep seeing that i actually like is the dockers commercial set in san francisco. it’s a great confluence of perfect music, a beautiful setting, and a nice little story.

if companies were smart, they would put good versions of their ads up on their websites. you can view a tiny, crappy version of the dockers ads on their site, or there’s a better link to one of the versions in the sfist article. i’d imagine that the cost of putting it online would be a drop in the bucket compared to actually getting it on the air, and there’s a chance you will actually get people seeking out your commercial.

it can also be entertaining to spot the commercials shot in downtown los angeles. it seems like at least half of the car commercials that show any sort of urban setting are shot here, and about half of those include shots within a few blocks of my apartment.


i agree. having grown up in and lived in LA County most of my life, i never seem to tire of seeing this place in commercials, TV shows, and movies.

in fact, the older i get, the more interesting it is. A couple months ago, I saw the Sportsmen's Lodge hotel (Ventura/Coldwater) in a new episode of Arrested Development, and then within the week, i saw it again in a 1970's episode of Colombo.

» albert b » december 13, 2005 5:32pm

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