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backing up: photos

one of the things i’m really behind on doing is setting up a good way of backing up all of the photos i’ve taken (and will take in the future). one thing i’ve considered is using amazon’s simple storage system (s3). i have about 25GB of pictures, so unless my math is faulty, it would cost about $5/month to store and $6 (once) to upload them all.

but hey, i’m already paying $25/year for a flickr pro account, and that includes unlimited storage and bandwidth. so now it is just a matter of figuring out how to get all of my pictures over there — easy to do, unless i want to do it right.

doing it right would include synchronizing the photo titles, description, and keywords (tags) between flickr and iphoto, and dealing intelligently with the photos that i have already uploaded to flickr. there’s also the issue of photos that are edited in iphoto, where it would be nice to also have the original (unmodified) photo backed up.

maybe picturesync is much of what i want.

i still want to play with amazon s3, but i have another idea for that: email archiving.

no sign of the jumping cow

nearly-full moon here’s a little more fun with my new zoom lens, tripod, and the nearly-full moon.

the image processing of the human eye and brain is pretty impressive when you compare it to how much fiddling you have to do just to get a simple static picture like this from a sophistimicated digital camera.

but i can’t upload what my eyes and brain see to flickr.

funny characters are not ☢

sam ruby pulled a good quote on building in support for internationalization in web applications, which i agree is really important.

it is very annoying that i can’t use my flickr recent comments feed because the atom feed is broken due to bad utf-8 handling.

i’m thinking of doing another talk at the mysql conference next year about handling this sort of thing. there’s really no excuse for it. which makes it a little hard to do a 45-minute talk on — it’s so easy to get right!

because i know you’ve been itching to buy prints of my photos, i’ve gone ahead and enabled the print-ordering feature for everyone. (you have to sign up as a flickr user first, i believe.)