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a very dorky sunday

today i upgraded the (virtual) machine that hosts this site and some others to karmic koala. in the process, i discovered that linode’s user-mode linux kernel is not up-to-date enough for that, so i had to migrate to one of their xen hosts (totally painless, and probably long overdue).

i also wrote the beginnings of an endpoint for tweetie 2’s new support for a custom image server, which explains the earlier picture of wonton. a custom url shortener will be next to come.

oh, and i made banana bread.

pthread_rwlock_wrlock bug on amd64 with hoary hedgehog

my otherwise-painless upgrade to ubuntu’s hoary hedgehog release was marred by a bug in pthread_rwlock_wrlock() on amd64 that was fixed in the upstream glibc more than a year ago. ugh.

i wonder what the policy of ubuntu is with regard to fixing things like this. i really hope i don’t have to created a patched glibc myself.

on the bright side, the upgrade fixed the xserver configuration, so now it starts up and shows the pretty login screen. i logged in and it looked and sounded pretty.

the best part of matthew thomas’s review of usability problems with ubuntu is the punchline.