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first look: aloha cafe

aloha cafe at honda plaza aloha cafe just opened today at honda plaza in little tokyo. they are serving tasty hawaiian food at very reasonable prices — at 20% off for their grand opening. they relocated to little tokyo from monterey park after losing their lease and their original chef.

blossom expands

expanded blossom remember when i used to blog? those were the days.

blossom, the excellent vietnamese restaurant in the ground floor of the canadian building at the corner of main and winston streets, has expanded into an adjacent space. the layout is a little goofy, with the kitchen between the two seating areas. they have also applied for a liquor license.

caged cute

wonton caged

we left wonton home alone in his crate for the first time today while we went to lunch. we tried to go to langer’s deli, but it was closed so the employees could attend the memorial for the restaurant’s founder. we ended up at mama’s hot tamales instead. the tamales were delicious, although they screwed up our order.

since we got back, wonton has been expressing his disappointment at being left home alone. he’s been barking to get out of his enclosure, and before we caught on to what he was doing, we actually fell for it a few times.

the puppy-training books should have arrived today, but i didn’t make it downstairs to catch the ups truck. the call-box for our building is still out-of-service.

desire makes everything blossom

blossom vietnamese restaurant & teas is a new restaurant that opened recently at winston and main (near 4th and main) in downtown los angeles. my girlfriend celia and i ate there last night, and despite a small mix-up where they tried to serve our appetizer to another table, really enjoyed it. i had the shaking beef, she had the grilled pork chop, and we shared shrimp and pork spring rolls. celia also got the soda canh, which is a fresh lemonade made with perrier that was delicious.

they obviously still have some kinks to work out. there’s an unpainted wall outside the bathroom, the dining area is not really decorated, and the service was a little spotty, but they are a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. it looks like a couple of more businesses are gearing up to open in the canadian building. and with the el dorado lofts and rowan lofts under heavy construction, the old bank district is expanding out from the core at 4th and main.

this los angeles times article about the cost to invest in the new restaurants from nancy silverton and mario batali reveals how much a share in a top restaurant in los angeles goes for: between $25k and $50k. this is the exception, with shares going for $100k.

i also had to laugh at the concern about the names for the three parts of the restaurant all ending in del latte. it certainly is a big warning sign to this lactose-intolerant member of the public.