blossom expands

expanded blossom remember when i used to blog? those were the days.

blossom, the excellent vietnamese restaurant in the ground floor of the canadian building at the corner of main and winston streets, has expanded into an adjacent space. the layout is a little goofy, with the kitchen between the two seating areas. they have also applied for a liquor license.


Is the new space a coffee place or is it part of the restaurant? I was told the patio would not be expanded.


» Joe Cornish (link) » november 30, 2007 2:00am

Kitchen in the middle? reminds me of many eateries in asian countries (usually no doors, just a rool down garage type deal)....where they specialize in just a couple dishes...and are open just for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. Assuming they meet sanitation guidelines, i have no problem with this.

» Joe » december 5, 2007 12:08pm

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