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the treasury direct service has been re-launched, and it’s now even easier to get an account set up to buy treasuries directly. last week i signed up, and on monday my first t-bill purchase was processed. the interest rate (it was a little over 4%) isn’t quite as good as the everbank cd, but because the interest on a t-bill is exempt from state and local taxes, the effective rate is better.

and it’s nice to have at least some money invested in a way that can’t possibly lose value. (assuming inflation doesn’t go raging out of control over the next three months.)

this los angeles times article about the cost to invest in the new restaurants from nancy silverton and mario batali reveals how much a share in a top restaurant in los angeles goes for: between $25k and $50k. this is the exception, with shares going for $100k.

i also had to laugh at the concern about the names for the three parts of the restaurant all ending in del latte. it certainly is a big warning sign to this lactose-intolerant member of the public.

craigh hughes beat me to sharing the thought about the performance of spammed stocks that i meant to — sell them short.

stephen metcalf, writing for the new york times magazine, covers gold bugs. the profile of clifford asness, a hedge fund manager, is fascinating, too.

but this article about the serial entrepreneurs in silicon valley just boggles my mind. if i’m ever worth $5 million (2005 dollars), you can count on me being done with working for a living. but i don’t see that happening anytime soon — the downside of not having the drive to go on to a second startup after hitting it big at a first is that you likely don’t have the drive for the first one.