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caged cute

wonton caged

we left wonton home alone in his crate for the first time today while we went to lunch. we tried to go to langer’s deli, but it was closed so the employees could attend the memorial for the restaurant’s founder. we ended up at mama’s hot tamales instead. the tamales were delicious, although they screwed up our order.

since we got back, wonton has been expressing his disappointment at being left home alone. he’s been barking to get out of his enclosure, and before we caught on to what he was doing, we actually fell for it a few times.

the puppy-training books should have arrived today, but i didn’t make it downstairs to catch the ups truck. the call-box for our building is still out-of-service.

im at yr festival, judging yr tamales

2nd annual international tamale festival after we picked up our wedding invitations from aardvark letterpress today, we stopped in at the 2nd annual international tamale festival, where we ran into dave, penelope, and don. everyone else had cameras, but i did not.

while we were standing around talking (and eating), one of the festival organizers came by and recruited my fiancée celia to be a judge in the best tamale contests, so she got to sample a ton of tamales. an operation called just “gourmet tamales” cleaned up, winning all but one or two categories.

the festival is going for one more day — check it out!

the ambassador wake has been rescheduled for february 2 (groundhog day). you’ll need to rsvp because the booze is free and space may be limited.

tamale festival, 2005

chicken tamale from mom’s tamales my usual food festival cohort bailed on me, but i made it out to the tamale festival anyway. and took pictures, of course.

i had tamales from three different booths, but didn’t feel up to braving the monster line for another at molly’s tamales. the ones i had were all excellent.

there was a free ring toss game sponsored by some tequila company. i managed to get two of three of my rings on a bottle. unfortunately, the prize was just a deck of cards (well, two), and not the bottle of tequila.