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flying the flag

flag in the breeze

we’re now flying a flag at our building. we ordered two flags through senator barbara boxer. they were flown over the u.s. capitol building on june 20, 2007. there is no significance to the date, that is just when our order got handled.

i was a little surprised that ordering flags through our senator was about the same price as other sources for flags, and the flag is very good quality.

so far, we’ve been flying the flag every day during daylight hours (although not exactly dawn to dusk). i am not sure how long we will keep that up.

we may mix things up with other flags eventually, but finding decent 5'×8' flags is harder than you would think.

drooping lines

drooping lines

i like big beats

waiting to be unloaded

my fiancée celia once worked in the music industry. that explains her 26 filing boxes filled with cds. (and a big box of box sets, not pictured.)

the odd assortment of boxes on the top were my collection.

i think we should organize them by color.

as you can tell, the unpacking isn’t going swiftly.

ripped-up roof

ripped-up roof

they are ripping up the roof of the building behind us. the work is being done by some guys from chrysalis. it looks kind of cool now with pieces covering half of the roof, but i expect we’ll have a different opinion of the work if they start putting down tar.

much better

fridge and painted wall this is a much happier picture than the previous one. our new refrigerator in our newly-painted kitchen.

the paint color is behr’s “green tea.”

we’re planning to use the same color in the bathrooms and the bedroom (and probably the storeroom).

the rest of the kitchen isn’t nearly as clean.

at least it’s not on fire

air conditioner in penthouse

rather than show you a picture of our freshly-painted kitchen (with its new refrigerator and water cooler), i’ll instead share the fright that is the air conditioner in another room. there was actually a full frame around it before i got to it, but the left and bottom parts of the frame, which held a broken sheet of plastic, were actually just sort of glued on to the wall. so when i was prepping the room to paint it, i went a little nuts and ripped them out. parts of the wall went along for the ride. i haven’t figured out how to deal with this. i don’t think my little can of spackle is up to it.

i guess i’ll just have to buy a bigger can.