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scoop: cole’s comes out from behind the barricade

there are signs of life at cole’s again — they have taken down the construction barricade that has blocked the sixth street side of the pacific electric lofts building for the last many, many months.

there is a notice of application for a liquor license in the space to the left of cole’s, and two boarded up storefronts to the right that will reportedly house another establishment in what was cole’s back rooms.

photo courtesy of rich from angelenic. yes, i just used his own picture to scoop him. sucker!

fleming house

the house where my dad was born and raised was renovated recently, and there’s a great gallery at the fleming house renovation project website. as i understand it, the renovation is actually complete, even if the site talks about the project in the future and present tense.

with any luck, the screenplay that celia has been working on for the last year will get shot out in north carolina, and we’ll get a chance to visit and see the renovation.

there’s a special collection of james l. fleming’s papers at eastern california university, which he helped found. i wonder what it would take to get the photographs from the collection digitized.

ripped-up roof

ripped-up roof

they are ripping up the roof of the building behind us. the work is being done by some guys from chrysalis. it looks kind of cool now with pieces covering half of the roof, but i expect we’ll have a different opinion of the work if they start putting down tar.

at least it’s not on fire

air conditioner in penthouse

rather than show you a picture of our freshly-painted kitchen (with its new refrigerator and water cooler), i’ll instead share the fright that is the air conditioner in another room. there was actually a full frame around it before i got to it, but the left and bottom parts of the frame, which held a broken sheet of plastic, were actually just sort of glued on to the wall. so when i was prepping the room to paint it, i went a little nuts and ripped them out. parts of the wall went along for the ride. i haven’t figured out how to deal with this. i don’t think my little can of spackle is up to it.

i guess i’ll just have to buy a bigger can.