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willkommen zum oktoberfest

willkommen zum oktoberfest

after the heidelberg mysql developers meeting, we got on to the serious business of oktoberfest in munich. one of my coworkers had secured tables inside the hippodrom for two of the days, and we took full advantage of that.

the weather was not very good while we were in munich, and we were definitely starting to feel the end of the trip, so we did not explore munich outside of the oktoberfest grounds. that just means we will have to go back another time.

this time my pictures actually have some people in them. and lots of beer.

hardly working

lazy sunday by the neckar

this is the mysql developers working hard at our developer conference in heidelberg, germany.

okay, not really. this is just a shot of a park on the shores of the neckar river in heidelberg, germany, taken while we were on a boat back from our day-off excursion to the german raptor research centre.

the whole set of photos has more of heidelberg, and some of the birds from the research centre. but no shots of any developers. you will have to wait for the oktoberfest pictures for those.

my wife celia also posted her pictures from heidelberg and pictures from oktoberfest.

summer 1990, dresden and prague

frauenkirche in dresden

one of the sights that just blew me away on my trip through eastern europe in summer 1990 was the still-destroyed buildings in dresden. when doing some research to figure out what church was in this picture, i ran across the articles about how the frauenkirche had been rebuilt, and realized the photo above was of the destroyed frauenkirche.

summer 1990, fulda and weimar

tour group

here’s a reasonable shot that includes most of the people who were in my tour group. i’m not sure where exactly this was, or even the date — my notes for the roll just say “fulda / weimar” but neither of those are in the itinerary i still have.

and here’s more evidence of a long-running photographic interest: graffiti. wir hassen nazis, indeed. i’m not sure what the symbol that looks like a circled “b” with an arrow pointing from it means.