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smiling graffiti cat at 3rd and main. #dtla #graffiti

street life sucks

street life sucks

summer 1990, fulda and weimar

tour group

here’s a reasonable shot that includes most of the people who were in my tour group. i’m not sure where exactly this was, or even the date — my notes for the roll just say “fulda / weimar” but neither of those are in the itinerary i still have.

and here’s more evidence of a long-running photographic interest: graffiti. wir hassen nazis, indeed. i’m not sure what the symbol that looks like a circled “b” with an arrow pointing from it means.

almost like home

almost like home


green face

the artist apparently named midzt painted new faces on the building at 3rd and main after the earlier “be merry” piece got painted over. i’ve noticed that he (or she) has a few other pieces around downtown — there was another face on the pacific electric lofts building. there’s also this tag on one of the storefronts near 3rd and main.

i really love these green faces. here is a whole collection of murals done by midzt.