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willkommen zum oktoberfest

willkommen zum oktoberfest

after the heidelberg mysql developers meeting, we got on to the serious business of oktoberfest in munich. one of my coworkers had secured tables inside the hippodrom for two of the days, and we took full advantage of that.

the weather was not very good while we were in munich, and we were definitely starting to feel the end of the trip, so we did not explore munich outside of the oktoberfest grounds. that just means we will have to go back another time.

this time my pictures actually have some people in them. and lots of beer.

summer 1990, munich and nuremberg

looking down the street in germany

when we left washington, d.c., we first went through jfk airport in new york city, where we had to run with our luggage between terminals, and then heathrow, before making it to munich. from munich, we travelled on to nuremburg.

this latest batch of photos from my summer trip in 1990 is from places we went in munich and nuremburg, but my notes are scant enough that i can’t say where in each city these places are, or even which of the cities they are in (or near).

i think the name of the girl in the corner of the frame was rachel. she was one of the other students in my tour group.