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celia and the rest of the story

while i’ve just been flicking beans out of the can, celia has gone and spilled the whole thing. if she wants to claim that i have swept her off her feet, i guess i would be a fool to dispute it. pay no attention to the lack of ground beneath my feet.

hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore

i suspect my fascination with questions like this one on ask metafilter is like some people’s love of horror films. there can be something strangely pleasurable about having your stomach turned into knots.

i signed up for match.com once, a little over a year ago. i had a picture-less profile up for about a week, got sent one email that i never actually received because it got rejected by my spam filtering, and then came to my senses and cancelled the account.

this line from the question is a pretty potent sentiment: “I finally feel like I’m getting to a place in my life where it’d be better with someone than without.”

this askmefi question is the latest of a recurring theme of questions. here are some other variations on that theme. (no, i did not ask any of them.)

i wonder if there are other recurring themes on askmefi that would make a good movie.

tyler cowen questions the economics of seduction, continuing the publicity snowball for the game: penetrating the secret society of pickup artists by neil strauss.

from an interview with neil strauss: “i learned that the more unavailable you make yourself, the more people would want you.” either there’s a point where that trend reverses, or there’s a whole lot of people out there who want me.

i’ll pretend it is the latter.

the los angeles times covers the release of the game: penetrating the secret society of pickup artists, a book whose very concept makes me want to run screaming for the door. but there are some hilarious quotes in the article.

i don’t know why it showed up on the california politics page of the times.

call me helium

the bbc reports about a applying physics models to the dating world. dangerous quote: “the research suggested that multiple daters, those who form many relationships, were less effective at finding the right partner than those who remained in one place and let others come to them.”

this ask metafilter question about seducing someone is one of those examples of why askmefi is so entertaining. i think the first answer nails it, but there’s some really hilarious comments in the rest, and the dissection of the “make him chase you, all guys love the chase” comment is fantastic.

wired reviews hooking up, and the biggest complaint is that for a show about online dating, it really doesn’t have much to say about the online part of that. i agree that the timescale of things is terribly unclear. from the show, you get the impression that some of these women are going on dates every night, seriously considering guys as “maybe the one” after two or three dates/days, and then breaking up the next day. (then again, maybe they are. what do i know?)

we’re well into the thick of the summer television season, when network news divisions roll out their documentary-ish limited series, like abc’s hooking up. it follows a bunch of single women as they date by using online dating sites. so you get the seriousness and production value of a news documentary, but on a topic that fits with all of the other reality schlock on television.

as to the actual content of the show, it left me wanting to curl up into a ball under my bed. that probably explains a few things.

“i get very infatuated with people i come in contact with every day. someone i work with, someone i see regularly, someone i don’t even talk to. i develop ‘crushes’ on almost anyone mildly attractive or interesting, with no real reason. it always last for long periods of time and it’s pretty pathetic really. my way of dealing with it is to never act on it and never discuss it in any way, with anyone, ever.” — “puke & cry” answering a question about crushes on askmefi.

this craiglist rant about why geeks and nerds are worth it is one of those things you can’t help but feel you’ve read on the net before.

if i had been drinking milk, i would have spit it out my nose at the phrase “dressed as an elf princess.”