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hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore

i suspect my fascination with questions like this one on ask metafilter is like some people’s love of horror films. there can be something strangely pleasurable about having your stomach turned into knots.

i signed up for match.com once, a little over a year ago. i had a picture-less profile up for about a week, got sent one email that i never actually received because it got rejected by my spam filtering, and then came to my senses and cancelled the account.

this line from the question is a pretty potent sentiment: “I finally feel like I’m getting to a place in my life where it’d be better with someone than without.”

what’s your line?

these two askmefi questions about conversation starters inspired some interesting answers. “how do you know the host?” and its variants always seem a pretty safe bet to me. “are you from around here?” and the line of questioning from there is also always pretty reliable.

i’m also one of those people who isn’t a big fan of “what do you do?” probably because what i do isn’t terribly meaningful to most people, and the most common discussion it leads to is the description of some computer problem they are having or had.

maybe i’m crazy, but i think “what’s your line?” may actually be a pretty good line itself. i expect you to research the matter and get back to me. unless it works really well, then i don’t want to know.

the soul of this man is in his clothes

look, it’s another askmefi question that touches on something i’ve been thinking about. this time it is a question about what clothes to get for a wedding.

for as long as i can remember, i’ve been someone who mindlessly sticks to a single style at a time. lately, that has meant t-shirts (largely from threadless) and sweat shorts or jeans. (and here’s where some people say “jeans? when did that start happening?” thanks for the support.)

peering into that part of my closet that i never use, i’ve discovered that i own a few polo shirts that i would never want to wear, a pair of slacks and a long-sleeve white shirt that i probably last wore to a wedding, a couple of pairs of khakis, a denim mysql shirt, and a nice shirt that doesn’t go with either pair of khakis or jeans (but works with the slacks, i guess). oh, there’s a sweater in there, too.

i do actually own a pair of shoes that aren’t sneakers (or sandals) that basically fit, although i’m not sure i’d really want to wear them for long. (stupid fat right foot.)

so i find myself in a situation where i feel like i should get some clothes that are above the level of t-shirt-and-jeans in order to not be an embarrassment to myself and others, but with absolutely no clue what that means, and a slight reluctance to really commit to it because if this trend continues, anything that fits well now will not fit well in the not-very-distant future.

i feel like this is where i should get to some sort of point. not gonna happen.

this askmefi question is the latest of a recurring theme of questions. here are some other variations on that theme. (no, i did not ask any of them.)

i wonder if there are other recurring themes on askmefi that would make a good movie.

how to make friends, or at least a bunch of ideas on how to do so in response to an ask metafilter question.

oddly enough, nobody suggested bowling.

there are two ways to find a solution to the problem: undertake efforts that you believe will result in making friends and finding those that work, or undertake efforts that you believe will not result in making friends and eliminating those as possibilities until you are left with only workable solutions.

here’s an eye-catching quote: “the stage manager is god.”

what a frightening thought.

this ask metafilter question about seducing someone is one of those examples of why askmefi is so entertaining. i think the first answer nails it, but there’s some really hilarious comments in the rest, and the dissection of the “make him chase you, all guys love the chase” comment is fantastic.