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souvlaki or yakitori?

last saturday, celia and i abandoned the puppy for a few hours and trekked up to the valley to see lodestone theatre’s production of trojan women.

emily kuroda is fantastic as hecuba. there’s something very engaging about experienced stage actors and the way they capture the stage. most of the rest of the cast is good, if not at that same level. the staging is very simple, but effective.

the la weekly and the los angeles times both reviewed the play, the same performance even, and the contrast in the reviews is striking. but i can also see where both reviewers are coming from — the choices that they disagree on are polarizing.

you only have a couple of more weekends to head out to the valley to check this out. it’s worth the trip.

he’s got burritos and huevos rancheros, too

celia and i watched camp recently, which is about a group of kids at a summer theatre camp where they put on new shows every two weeks, leading up to a big final benefit at the end of the summer. the story and dialogue is pretty painful in spots, but the performances of various musical numbers makes up for that. so if you have even just a passing interesting in musical theatre, you’ll probably enjoy the film.

here’s an eye-catching quote: “the stage manager is god.”

what a frightening thought.

a little bit country

i’ve been feeling a little bit country the last few days — seeing i see hawks in l.a. and the other groups on wednesday, listening to will the circle be unbroken by the nitty gritty dirt band at the gym the last couple of days, and seeing seven redneck cheerleaders last night (short review: very funny, great cast that will be different if you go see it, and a really great theatre — i would have totally crashed in the comfy chairs if i hadn’t taken a nap earlier in the day).

just a few days ago i was worried about bouncing off the walls this weekend, but i hit a wall yesterday and am now looking forward to spending the weekend curled into a ball.

theatrexpresso is a new outfit doing lunch theater in downtown los angeles. they do two shows each thursday. they’ll provide the lunch, or you can bring your own, and the play is only about 25 minutes long (which makes it sitcom-length). it sounds like a brilliant concept, i’ll have to check it out sometime.