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today’s craigslist complaint

yes, i am totally abusing the knowledge that jeremy zawodny, recent craigslist hire, reads this stuff.

when a craigslist ad expires, they immediately dump the attached pictures. it would be nice if it held on to them for at least a day or two in case you intend to repost the ad.

it is entirely unsurprising, but still a little disappointing, that the craigslist feedback forum is nothing but complaints about spam and whining from people whose ads were flagged.

thanks craig

the thanks craig project sticks up posters where people are supposed to leave little notes about how craigslist has helped them. both of the ones i have seen posted in downtown los angeles were never written on, and are now in tatters. one was plastered on a painted brick wall.

but i am really just posting to complain about how flaky and frustrating the craigslist posting system is. every time i try to attach a picture when first entering my ad, it seems to barf and when i go back to the posting page, all my brilliantly-composed text is gone.

right now, i am trying to unload my comic books (again), an old hp laserjet 5l, an o’keefe & merritt gas stove, an ikea wardrobe, and a couch and chair, once i figure out how to get craigslist to accept the pictures.

if this stuff doesn’t sell soon, we will take some of it to the yuppie yard sale that our friends are having in westchester (near lax), along with a bunch of other crap fine stuff we want to purge.

did i mention that the yard sale is being sponsored by truvodka? that’s how our friends roll.

this craiglist rant about why geeks and nerds are worth it is one of those things you can’t help but feel you’ve read on the net before.

if i had been drinking milk, i would have spit it out my nose at the phrase “dressed as an elf princess.”