where should i be lurking?

trying to find places where people talk about using python, ruby, and php with mysql has been a bit of a challenge.

the problem on the php side is that php forum on forums.mysql.com is so filled with pre-beginner-level questions that it’s barely worth it for me to spend my time digging through it.

for python, the python forum on forums.mysql.com is nearly a ghost town. the forums for the mysql-python project seem slightly active, but the sourceforge forum interface is just bad. (not that any web-based forum isn’t starting from a bad place.) the db-sig mail archives also have some interesting discussions.

for ruby, the ruby forum on forums.mysql.com is even quieter than the python one, and i haven’t found anywhere else.

another thing i’ll take a look at is apr_dbd_mysql, which is not part of the main apr-util repository because of licensing issues (ugh).

where else should i be looking?

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There are a number of excellant PHP/MySQL forums available on the net (don't know about python and ruby though I would expect so). PHPFreaks, Sitepoint, PHP Developer Network and Codewalkers is just a few. There is also the mailing lists (both PHP and MySQL have them) and the various irc channels (though the mileage on those can be highly variable).

» Ligaya Turmelle (link) » july 27, 2006 8:52pm

I'd say Devshed (http://forums.devshed.com) very nice place.

» pabloj » july 28, 2006 2:05am

The best place Ive found is simple the IRC channels, like if you grab an IRC client and hop on irc.freenode.net to #mysql you will find 100's of confused people getting some pretty good answers ...

» jon » july 28, 2006 7:50am

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