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my five mysql wishes

jay pipes started with his five mysql wishes, and others have chimed in. i guess i may as well take a whack at it.

  1. connect by. yeah, yeah. it’s not standard. i don’t care.
  2. expose character-set conversions in the client library. all the code to convert between all of the character sets understood by the server is there, there’s just no public interface to it.
  3. online backup. it’s in progress, but this will make things so much better in so many ways. we could actually have reliable backups of bugs.mysql.com. and it’s going to make starting up new slaves so much easier in replication.
  4. re-learn how to ship software. the long release cycles of 5.0 and 5.1 have been pretty ridiculous, and i’m sure we can find a better way to add features without having to slog through months of bug-fixing to get a release to production quality. it is frustrating to ask for new features and have the fear that there won’t be a production release that includes them for another couple of years.
  5. fix planet mysql to handle utf-8. seriously, guys, it’s not that hard.