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the old familiar sting

i got a blood donor card after the blood drive a couple of months ago, and it’s been staring at me from my desk reminding me that enough time has passed so i can donate again. so searching for a local blood drive, i ran across one at the los angeles public library on november 21. because i already have a reason to be there that day (to observe a children’s tour), that works out really well.

something i learned from my blood donor card is that my blood type is a positive. i remember that we tested our blood to figure out the type in a science class in junior high school, but i could have sworn that i had b positive blood.

one generation got soul

l.a. works has started a blog they’re calling l.a. works hotline, where you can find announcements of various upcoming volunteering opportunities and other news about the organization.

strawberries i started the docent training at the central library today, and one big perk to it being on wednesday mornings is that afterwards i get to hit the farmers’ market on 5th street.

mmm, fresh roasted peanuts.

according to one of the people who works at the library, it will now be going on until the end of the year.

another booth was selling some sort of cinnamon-flavored roasted almonds that smelled amazing. i can still smell them. i’ll have to fight my way through the crowd to try them next time.

volunteer opportunities

la works has floated a couple of volunteer opportunities recently that have caught my eye. the first is helping to clear brush and do other work at the gibbon conservation center in santa clarita on october 9.

the second is helping with the collection of donations for hurricane katrina relief at dodger stadium during their upcoming series with the san francisco giants. i’m signed up for monday. (they’re looking for 16 volunteers each day.)