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go give blood now!

chairs before opening

the blood drive is underway, the laura esguerra adams foundation has a shiny new website, and for some reason you’re sitting at a computer instead of heading down to donate blood.

i got 86’d because i’m coming down with a cold. but that’s okay, it just means i get to join the “club 86” raffle, where i could win a $100 gift certificate for patina, an alarm clock that moos, or some other fabulous prizes.

they’ll be handling blood donations until at least 8pm, and then everything shifts over to cole’s for the after-party. come on down!

give your blood on march 31

cole’s pacific electric buffet and the new laura esguerra adams foundation is sponsoring a blood drive next friday, march 31, in downtown los angeles.

there will be an after-party at cole’s featuring i see hawks in l.a., just like last year.

also, in the goodie bag for blood donators will be a free copy of love smart by dr. phil. so if you happen to have my sort of luck and meet someone really special at the blood drive, you’ll be able to learn what to do. or you can make a few bucks selling it on ebay.

(if there are businesses downtown that wanted to support a great cause, and pick up a little promotional value from reaching that precious downtown audience, they would do well to kick in some gifts for the goodie bags.)

charity, november 2005

childrens hospital los angeles childrens hospital los angeles was the charity i made reference to back in october. they were supposed to send me some information about their donor programs, but never did, and yet i’m giving them money anyway. i’m so easy.

this is the fourth year in a row that i’ve been able to give money to the childrens hospital.

they also handle platelet donations, which you may have heard some people go on about.

pint of blood, pound of flesh

a week or so ago i finally sent off a check to harvey mudd college that represented the other donation from my blo.gs spoils.

and today i got bled again. this time they told me not to drink or work out for 24 hours. i may even pay attention to at least half of that.

the old familiar sting

i got a blood donor card after the blood drive a couple of months ago, and it’s been staring at me from my desk reminding me that enough time has passed so i can donate again. so searching for a local blood drive, i ran across one at the los angeles public library on november 21. because i already have a reason to be there that day (to observe a children’s tour), that works out really well.

something i learned from my blood donor card is that my blood type is a positive. i remember that we tested our blood to figure out the type in a science class in junior high school, but i could have sworn that i had b positive blood.