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titi, a simple database toolkit

at some point in my life i got tired of writing all my SQL queries by hand, and was casting about for a database abstraction that simplified things. but i didn’t care for anything that required that i specify my actual SQL tables in code or another format. i wanted something that would just work on top of whatever tables i already had.

i don’t know what i considered at the time, but where i landed was using Idiorm and Paris, which bills itself as a “minimalist database toolkit for PHP5” which gives you a sense of its age. it was long ago put into maintenance-only mode by its developers, and eventually i ran across something that i wanted to fix or otherwise do that i knew would never be accepted upstream.

so i took the code that was in two distinct repositories, merged it together, tossed it in a new namespace, and renamed it Titi. i haven’t really done much with it beyond that, but i know there is code that i should be pulling back in from scat. an advantage to being a solo developer is you can kind of punch through abstraction layers to get things done, but that also leaves cleanup work to be tackled eventually.

should anybody else use this? maybe not. but it has been useful for me in my projects, and it’s also been a good playground to learn more about new php language features and tools.

(like most of my open source projects, this is named for a type of monkey, the titi monkey.)