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sidekiq for php?

it is a little strange still developing in php and having done it for so long, because you look at how other systems are built today and it isn’t always clear how that translates to php.

mastodon (the server software) is built primarily with ruby-on-rails, and uses a system called sidekiq to handle job processing. when you post to your mastodon server, it queues up a bunch of jobs that push it out to your subscribers, creates thumbnails of web pages, and all sorts of other stuff that may take a while so it makes no sense to make the web request hang around for it.

for scat pos, there are a few queue-like tasks that just get processed by special handlers that i use cron jobs to trigger. for example, when a transaction is completed it reports the tax information to our tax compliance service, but if that fails (because of connectivity issues or whatever) there’s a cron job that runs every night to re-try.

as best i can tell, the state of the art for php applications that want to have some sort of job queue system like sidekiq is Gearman and GearmanManager and it is wild to me that projects i remember starting up in 2008 are still just chugging along like that.