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seriously, fuck dhl

there is no company that inspires my hatred quite like dhl does. both ups and fedex are able to deliver packages to us on a regular basis. fedex has the occasional problem, but then at least leaves a delivery notice. dhl consistently fails to deliver packages, only bothers letting us know after a week or so of their failures, and then lies to us about the banker’s hours that their pick-up office keeps. they screwed up christmas in 2006, and things have not improved since then.

i’ve had to ask the most recent package sender to please re-send using a company who has delivering packages as a core competency. i don’t know what dhl actually does, but it does not appear to have much to do with delivering packages.

my email to virgin mobile usa

On December 31, I placed an order for a phone (order number removed).

On January 2, I was contacted by one of your representatives, told there had been a problem with my order, and provided my details to place a new order (order number removed).

On January 4, both phones arrived.

Today I called to find out what I should do to return the second phone, sent due to your mistake, and was told I would be responsible for paying shipping to return the phone to you (rma number removed).

I do not find this acceptable. What can you do to rectify this problem?



the response:

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Since there was an error in our system, we sent you the phone you ordered and another one for free! If you wanted to return this free gift from us to you, we ask that you contact a live advisor at the number provided below to set up the return. Unfortunately, we do ask that you pay for the shipping of an unwanted phone. What I would suggest doing is giving the phone to a friend and getting our Kickback bonus. This is a $20 bonus we give to you for referring a friend to our company.

so, anyone want a free virgin mobile usa phone?