fuck fucking dhl

being a couple of procrastinators, there were a few gifts that celia and i left for the last minute, but thought we were still safe because amazon was offering next-day saturday delivery. unfortunately it went through dhl, which has not noticed that today was an important day for packages to get delivered.

in addition to totally failing to deliver packages to us even though we were home (twice in one day — there were two orders), their local office closed at noon, long before their local trucks stopped delivering. now they (claim that they) cannot call the delivery person to get them to actually try to deliver the package, and there is no place we can go and pick up the packages ourselves.

i was afraid this was going to get all fucked up when i saw that amazon had used dhl to ship these packages. i guess i should have been camped out in front of our building all day to tackle any dhl drivers that “attempted a delivery.”


This is really bad for you. People in Germany regularly bitch about DHL, but so far they have been mostly nice to me. At least all my presents arrived on time this year ;).

Merry Christmas nonetheless!

» Martin Jansen (link) » december 24, 2006 12:49am

Wow, it's Dec. 24, 2007 and your story is nearly the same as mine is today. Amazon said my order would be here by the 24, but DHL delivered the package to the USPS instead. Which means I won't get the gifts until the 26th due to the fact that tomorrow is a holiday.

» Jim » december 24, 2007 8:30pm

Dhl f**king sucks work for them there management thinks they are the shit. I hope C.P AND HIS LITTLE BOYS get what they deserve and are out their jobs just like use here in Wilmington fuck you CEO OF DHL AND YOU TO J. H. AND C.D. OF ABX YOU SOLD HONEST HARD WORKING AMERICANS DONE THE RIVER FUCK FACES.

» T.S » june 30, 2008 3:31pm

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