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hope they don’t uninvite me

the los angeles downtown news took first place, best website (25,000 and above) from the california newspaper publishers association. second place was the palo alto weekly.

i assume this is one of those contests where you only win if you pay to enter. i have to believe there are some weeklies out there in california with websites that are actually interesting.


letter strangely enough, i lettered in high school. i think the gold bar was for some sort of academic achievement. (looking at the program from my high school graduation, i got awards for academics, leadership, and service. go me.)

the letter was for band. i was never particularly good (i played the trombone), but i remember killing a lot of time doing band-related things like playing at games, filing music during my empty periods, and painting the stage of the theater before a concert/variety-show thing that we did every year.

more academy qualification screenings

some more movies being screened at the laemmle grande 4-plex in downtown los angeles. it’s like downtown’s own little documentary film festival.

the site for one six right mentions that they expect all of the showings to sell out, so maybe that applies to all of these screenings in general. and here i had figured that they were probably playing to some empty houses just to satisfy the academy qualification requirements.

the devil and daniel johnston is playing at the laemmle grande 4-plex through monday — at 10am each day.

this must be an oscar® qualifying run, but at first i couldn’t see how running at 10am is “advertised and exploited during its los angeles run in a manner considered normal and customary to the industry.” but this is a documentary, so there’s a rule 12 exception, which just specifies that it has to be run between 10am and midnight for seven consecutive days.

goofy. i may have to check it out this weekend.

another one for the resumé

Minnesota Scholar

award of merit

Award of Merit i’ve got a whole binder full of awards from elementary and junior high school. most of them are actually from various academic competitions, but this one was for being a member of the school patrol. some sort of bus monitor thing, if i remember correctly. there’s trophies and plaques, too. (no, don’t send them to me!)