independence day for code

as i’ve been threatening to do for quite some time, i’ve finally made the source code for available. it is not the prettiest code, and there’s still all sorts of hard-coded company-specific stuff in there. but it is free code, so stop complaining.

it is available as a bazaar repository at i have not yet set up any sort of fancy web view, or mirrored it to launchpad.

i plan to do the same for the code some day. one limiting factor now is that machine only has python 2.3 on it, and bazaar needs python 2.4.


it's always good to see more software released! well done. you may already know this, but bzr has some nifty code that allows it to reinvoke itself with a newer version of python, so as long as you have python2.4 in your path you don't need to change the system python.

» elliot murphy (link) » july 4, 2007 6:02am

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