except all the others that have been tried

in an o’reilly network article, matthew b. doar asks, “bug trackers: do they all really suck?”

my answer would be yes, but i love tinkering with them anyway. we’re still using a hacked up version of the bugs.php.net code at bugs.mysql.com, despite periodic threats to move us over to bugzilla. some things that block the migration are that we’ve added various bits of workflow and bitkeeper integration into our bug tracker that someone will have to re-do for bugzilla, and someone will also have to figure out how to integrate it into the login infrastructure (and user database) for our websites.

meanwhile, i hack new features and fields into the existing bugs system whenever the need is strong enough.


Heh, well I have yet to see a useable interface ontop of bugzilla. I find the interface to bad for bugzilla that I have stopped filing any bug reports for bugzilla using projects. The horror!

» Lukas (link) » december 15, 2005 12:17am

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