october, 5, 2004 archives

snap is a new idealab! (oh, i guess they’re “Idealab” now — boring) search company. cnet news.com has the details. i guess i’m too much of a google-lean-and-mean sort of search consumer, since snap really didn’t do anything for me.

but it does remind one of the original snap.com, which was nbc’s bid to get into the portal game. i remember it having a rather nice, plain style, something in the spirit of what myway is doing now.

judging from the posts from jeremy zawodny (who needs a web 2.0 category), it looks like web 2.0 is a heck of a conference. i briefly flirted with the idea of attending, but decided it was too rich for my blood.

(but it’s something i’m very ambivalent about. on the one hand, i can see getting really excited about this whole web 2.0 thing. on the other hand, i am becoming increasingly persuaded that i would be more happy doing something that does not involve sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time. but that may just be october talking.)


i have been terribly remiss in not mentioning eventum before. it’s the issue-tracking tool that the mysql support team uses, and it is also used for task-tracking by a growing number of groups within the company. we liked it so much, we hired the author, bought out the software, and got it released under the gpl.

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