december, 6, 2003 archives

my new couch and king chair arrived. they are so much sturdier and less “dorm furniture” that it makes almost all of my other stuff due for an upgrade.

a fare deal?

the mta is changing their fare structure. the new structure eliminates transfers, and lowers the single-trip fare (by a dime, but the token price went up 20¢). the new addition is the $3 day pass. the mta probably saves a bundle just by eliminating all those little transfer slips. for anyone who was doing more than a single round-trip with a transfer, the new day pass is a good deal. for a round-trip with a transfer, the new plan is 40¢ more expensive (assuming tokens). a round-trip without a transfer is either 20¢ cheaper (comparing the cash costs) or 40¢ more expensive (with tokens).

i guess it would be smart to stock up on tokens. it’s a 20% return on investment….

panther annoyance

opening .term files in the finder simply brings the terminal application to the foreground, but does not open the terminal specified in the file. (the same goes for an applescript that tries to do the same thing.) very, very annoying.

occasional furniture

i’m not entirely sure why they’re called occassional furniture, but clearly i need a new coffee table (and possibly side table) to go with my new couch and king chair. i like the looks of the ashley antigo occassional tables, so i may have to make a trip down to the showroom to check them out.

and then there’s the matter of the office chair. another necessary pilgrimage seems to be the design within reach showroom in pasadena to check out the herman miller mirra.

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