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charity, december 2003

operation give: toys for iraq i got a jump on things this month: my monthly charitable contribution is in the mail to operation give. the organization actually started from the blog of a member of the army national guard who is stationed in iraq. the spokesman for operation give is gail halverson, better known as the “candybomber” for dropping candy to german children during the berlin airlift.

ask jeeves

two books i read a while back but neglected to mention until now were the first two jeeves and wooster novels by p.g. wodehouse: the inimitable jeeves and carry on, jeeves. the first is actually more like a collection of short stories, since each chapter is relatively unconnected with the previous. the last is even written from the point of view of jeeves, rather than bernie wooster. the second book tells a more continuous tale, although each chapter stands on its own, too. funny stuff.

i think i originally picked up the books because i noticed one of the jeeves books on rael’s currently-reading list.

here’s a random p.g. wodehouse quote generator.

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