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flipping switches

cloudflare zaraz is a great concept: manage the third-party code for your website sort of like google tag manager, but run as much of the code as possible in the cloud instead of the browser. but the execution is still rough around the edges, especially when it comes to the ecommerce functionality.

each of the platforms where we publish our catalog (and can use that to advertise) have their own way of collecting performance metrics. the way i had hacked support for each into our old website was messy and fragile. zaraz intervenes here with a simple zaraz.ecommerce(event, data) call that pushes out the data to each of those third-party tools.

the problem is that how zaraz maps their simplified interface to those various systems is undocumented, and as near as the community can figure out, not always correct. i also found that if i enabled the ecommerce integration for facebook, it broke all of the ecommerce reporting everywhere.

i am still hopeful that they can work through the bugs and issues, add support for some of the other platforms that would be useful for us (like pinterest), and we can collect the data we need with a minimized impact on site performance.

the worst case is that i can just drop in my own implementation to turn those zaraz.ecommerce() into the old browser-side integration and it will still be more streamlined than it used to be.