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not quite a birthday celebration

blo.gs is offline again, and the only notice that’s up is the one from the last time it had an extended downtime. (or was it the time before that?)

in nine days, it will be one year since i sold the site to yahoo! (it was announced about two weeks after that.)


i don’t know why it is, but my del.icio.us inbox appears to run almost a day behind the actual bookmarks of the people i have in my subscription list. i wonder if it will ever catch up, or is just falling more and more behind.

it beats as it sweeps as it cleans

del.icio.us is the latest site to get hoovered up by yahoo. (and on that note, it looks like blo.gs is limping back to life. the xml version of my favorites is working again.)

somewhere i have a list of links that i was going to fold into a rumination on startups, lifestyle businesses, and the current trend of turning a small website into a job with a big web company. (and by that, i mean yahoo. has google made any of those sorts of acquisitions since blogger? i guess cnet has gotten into the game with their acquisition of consumating.)

one thing that is interesting to note is how many of these have sprung from people not located in the bay area. are they out of ideas up there?

when leonard got in touch with me to pick my brain a little bit about the blo.gs acquisition experience, i didn’t have an inkling that he would be joining yahoo! along with the rest of the upcoming.org team.


when i look at the hobbled state of blo.gs, i lament, a little bit, my decision to not go to yahoo with the site.

ugh. so much more i could say. but no more angsty bullshit.