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it seems like every christmas, i either get too many calendars or none at all. this was a none at all year, so i decided to make my own 2006 calendar. because i made it using lulu, it was easy to make it so anyone else can buy it for $15.

the pictures i chose are a mix of shots from minnesota and los angeles. i’m already coming up with ideas for more focused calendars for 2007.

i get about three bucks per calendar — and leverage to claim camera equipment as a business expense.

“friendship is a very taxing and arduous form of leisure activity.” — mortimer adler

charitable contributions, as percentage of adjusted gross income (tax year 2004 edition)

continuing an annual tradition:

the amount that the cheneys gave comes from the press release, since the filing at the tax history project doesn’t include their schedule a.

i can’t say enough good things about my accountant. it’s fun to sit there as he plays with numbers and my refund grows.

tax that fellow behind the tree

who knows why they call it “playing hooky,” but i don’t think it really counts if you give notice a week in advance, and it’s so you can go get your taxes done on the last possible day before bad things happen.

and now that i double-check, the last possible day is actually monday. so i guess i am really getting my taxes done early this year.

next year i won’t be able to be so lax, because i will surely owe money.

“rich bachelors should be heavily taxed. it is not fair that some men should be happier than others.” — oscar wilde

charitable contributions, as percentage of adjusted gross income

figures for bush and cheney via associated press. we’re all way above and beyond the national average of around 2%. (and those figures are just for those that itemize. as the report from the urban institute suggests, the actual average may be much lower.)