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it’s time for the $10 holiday sale at threadless. go forth and spend.

blo.gs t-shirt the folks at yahoo! sent a couple of blo.gs t-shirts to me a while ago. i held off on showing it off here before it would be a surprise when i sent one to albert, who designed the logo, and it took me way too long to get around to that.

now if only they’d fix the service. i’m sure the addition of the rss ping data has made it more useful (if overzealous) to those plugged into the feedmesh stuff and building services on top of that, but i’m finding it pretty useless for personal blog update tracking these days.

knock it off

i think it is safe to say that the trend of people commenting on the t-shirt i am wearing is officially out of control when another passenger on the gold line compliments my joe cool t-shirt.

seriously, since it happened at the tofu festival, it has been a rarity for me to be around people without someone commenting on whatever t-shirt i happened to be wearing.

this is the fertile ground from which paranoia is grown.

at the tofu festival, i think i got three or four comments from people that liked the shirt i was wearing.

i’m annoyed that this shirt is no longer available in my size, and am tempted to get this shirt.

but i am cheap, and don’t like paying $15 for t-shirts. i’ll bide my time for the next sale.

threadless is having another $10 t-shirt sale. checking things out, i saw candy for baby, by jesse lefkowitz and initially thought it was an anaglyph. it’s not, but that would be an interesting thing to do for a shirt.