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birds on orange

unlike the last one, this photo is not retouched or enhanced in any way. sometimes life doesn’t need an “enhance” button.

i got lucky this morning — i noticed dawn was breaking, popped open my window to see what i could capture, spotted these birds circling over little tokyo, and managed to grab a few awesome shots of them. here’s another of the birds against the orange sky, and one with a little bit of little tokyo visible. finally, a shot of dawn over little tokyo and city hall at dawn.

i leave for minnesota (late) tonight, so when i get back next week i should have some pictures that aren’t taken from my usual window perch. if i don’t freeze to death taking them.

sunrise over little tokyo

sunrise over little tokyo

i guess if i’m going to keep waking up before sunrise, i should take advantage of it. this morning i grabbed a few photos of the sunrise over little tokyo. here’s one with the zoom lens, and one with the kit lens.

it’s almost too easy to take an great-looking picture during sunrise or sunset. good thing, because there’s not a whole lot of time to be experimenting before it is over.

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