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i saw a hawk in l.a.

i saw a hawk in l.a.

this red-tailed hawk was flying around in downtown during the los angeles marathon. while he was there, the usual assortment of flying rats made themselves scarce.

i am woefully behind in cleaning up and posting pictures from the 108th golden dragon parade (where i took almost 300 pictures) and the los angeles marathon (which ran outside our front door).

and then there’s the matter of pictures from our wedding. we’re still waiting on proofs from the official photographer, and we have an intimidating number of pictures from our unofficial photographers to wade through.

million dollar birds

million dollar birds

there were hundreds of birds congregated on the sign of the hotel rosslyn before sunset. i have no idea why. every once in a while, a cluster of them would fly off for a few minutes, and then rejoin the rest. there were only a few birds on the other sign across fifth street.

or not

birds on orange

unlike the last one, this photo is not retouched or enhanced in any way. sometimes life doesn’t need an “enhance” button.

i got lucky this morning — i noticed dawn was breaking, popped open my window to see what i could capture, spotted these birds circling over little tokyo, and managed to grab a few awesome shots of them. here’s another of the birds against the orange sky, and one with a little bit of little tokyo visible. finally, a shot of dawn over little tokyo and city hall at dawn.

i leave for minnesota (late) tonight, so when i get back next week i should have some pictures that aren’t taken from my usual window perch. if i don’t freeze to death taking them.