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remember amphetadesk?

i still get over a thousand requests a day for feeds that no longer exist from amphetadesk users. the particularly astute may notice that it has been over four years since the last release of amphetadesk.

unfortunately, that’s only 20% of the requests for these long-dead feeds that i get every day.

a del.icio.us bug

i got a stupid robo-reply to reporting this through the official channel, so i’ll just blog it instead: http://del.icio.us/jm is in my network, but now i am also seeing the bookmarks from http://del.icio.us/jm. (note the trailing .) in my network.

i should probably use del.icio.us more than i do, but i’m always torn between it being a sort of lightweight blogging and bookmarks that i almost never actually care about later.

services for two

one thing i’ve noticed as we prepare for our wedding is how none of the web-based wedding services seem to have two people in mind. here’s a quote from the help of one online wedding site’s guest list manager:

You can allow your fiance and others access to your online guest list by having them log in to The Knot using your email address and password. Please remind them to log out when they are done, so you'll be able to access your account.

apparently having one list that is accessible by two people would be far too much rocket science.

i wrote our own tool for managing the guest list. it has its own little quirks, but at least when there’s something it doesn’t do, i can fix it. i also hooked up the online rsvp handling to the same database, so for those that choose to rsvp online instead of using the reply card, that information will automatically be linked to our invite list.

and speaking of invitations, the first batch finally went in the mail yesterday. we still have at least one more batch to go, but we really needed to get the out-of-state (and country!) invitations out ages ago now.

finally, some drama

back when eric first posted the list of candidates for the downtown neighborhood council elections, some nitwit tried a little half-witted character assassination against russell brown. at the time, i said “come on, the stakes are really low here — i expect more drama!”

it looks like john sellars has finally delivered, because he has filed a complaint about election irregularities involving russell and the city west resident seat.

you may remember john as the guy who was booted from the area-wide seat when he stopped showing up to meetings (due to some sort of family thing) and made various legal threats.

welcome back

martin jansen pointed out that my feed wasn’t showing up as updated on bloglines, and it turns out to be because i had broken the conditional get handling for the feed. oops.

so if you’ve been relying on bloglines, you’ve missed a lot.

i guess it would have been smart to remove the little bit of code that prevented everyone but me from accessing the site when i flipped the switch on the design.

madre dios

from a report (on the newdowntown mailing list) about the vote of the cultural affairs commission rejecting plans for the new police headquarters in downtown los angeles: “A third commissioner voted against the headquarters plan because the design was not in keeping with positive feng shui. (Specifically, the sharp point on the north side would direct negative energy toward City Hall and those who work there.)”


there’s a very persistent trackback spammer who i have managed to complete shut down. unfortunately, my trap for this pinhead is currently set up to email the blocked trackbacks to my email. so every time he does one of his 150 trackback spam runs, i get 150 of these dumb emails.

i need to flesh out my comment/tracback spam blocking a little more so i can flag some of these to just get dropped entirely.