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we continued our tour of oscar-worthy films in seeing the king’s speech. probably not at the top of my list, but it was great. the production design was particularly notable, as well as all of the performances. its flaws were smaller than some of the other films we have seen recently, but i also felt like it didn’t take as many risks.

finally, some drama

back when eric first posted the list of candidates for the downtown neighborhood council elections, some nitwit tried a little half-witted character assassination against russell brown. at the time, i said “come on, the stakes are really low here — i expect more drama!”

it looks like john sellars has finally delivered, because he has filed a complaint about election irregularities involving russell and the city west resident seat.

you may remember john as the guy who was booted from the area-wide seat when he stopped showing up to meetings (due to some sort of family thing) and made various legal threats.