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not a pornfield

i like how everyone is picking a different favorite quote from the los angeles times article about alleged porn production at not a cornfield. eric at blogdowntown thought the opening line was too cheesy even for porn dialogue. mack at lavoice.org liked a later quote: “Landy said he had been falsely blamed after Not a Cornfield employees found a section of cornstalks flattened and condoms scattered around the ground.”

my favorite is this:

“We never accused him of filming pornography. But there were people filming naked people. We had an open policy, but then things started to happen,” [project general manager Adolfo] Nodal said.

But Landy had his high-definition video camera rolling during the confrontation and secretly recorded Nodal.

“You guys are shooting pornography,” Nodal says on the tape. “You also cut a crop circle in the middle of the cornfield. You guys have been shooting porn in here. We have a lot of witnesses.”

it is never a good idea to lie about things you’ve said to people carrying video cameras.

not a cornfield

not a corn stalk today i finally made it over to see “not a cornfield” from the ground instead of from a gold line train. it’s a strange experience standing in the middle of a cornfield within sight of downtown.

there were no activities going on while i was there, and only a few people around. walking down the path through the middle of the field is very isolating, because the corn is tall enough to block out most of the surrounding area and muffle the sound.

on the way back home, i grabbed a french dipped sandwich at philippe the original.

the not a cornfield project near chinatown has been fun to watch grow, but i’ve never actually been down to the site. i’ve just seen it from the gold line.

i think i’ll rectify that on sunday, and head out there for the weekly drum circle and harvesting. i’ve been itching to get out and take some pictures of something.