not a pornfield

i like how everyone is picking a different favorite quote from the los angeles times article about alleged porn production at not a cornfield. eric at blogdowntown thought the opening line was too cheesy even for porn dialogue. mack at liked a later quote: “Landy said he had been falsely blamed after Not a Cornfield employees found a section of cornstalks flattened and condoms scattered around the ground.”

my favorite is this:

“We never accused him of filming pornography. But there were people filming naked people. We had an open policy, but then things started to happen,” [project general manager Adolfo] Nodal said.

But Landy had his high-definition video camera rolling during the confrontation and secretly recorded Nodal.

“You guys are shooting pornography,” Nodal says on the tape. “You also cut a crop circle in the middle of the cornfield. You guys have been shooting porn in here. We have a lot of witnesses.”

it is never a good idea to lie about things you’ve said to people carrying video cameras.

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