the not a cornfield project near chinatown has been fun to watch grow, but i’ve never actually been down to the site. i’ve just seen it from the gold line.

i think i’ll rectify that on sunday, and head out there for the weekly drum circle and harvesting. i’ve been itching to get out and take some pictures of something.


It's weird that they have that .info address. .com works just fine. -e;

» e; (link) » october 28, 2005 12:28pm

oh oh oh....i wanna go. what time is it at?? i guess i could just go click on the link...something tells me it's at night when i have my show...

» shannon (link) » october 28, 2005 1:14pm

yeah, clicking on links is such a burden. 4pm-7pm is the drum circle and harvesting.

i used the .info address because that’s how i had seen it first. i didn’t even think to check the .com version.

» jim (link) » october 28, 2005 1:29pm

gotta be at the theatre at 5pm...oh well. i do want to stop by there before it's all gone...i think tuesday night is my only other option.

» shannon (link) » october 28, 2005 5:18pm

hey, tuesdays are the nights that mickey champion performs that little pedro’s.

and the cornfield is open 6am-8pm. it’s just the drum circle and harvest that happens at 4-7pm.

» jim (link) » october 28, 2005 5:31pm

oh, and the cornfield isn’t open to the public monday through wednesday.

» jim (link) » october 29, 2005 10:07am

and after all that discussion, i didn’t make it because i didn’t wake up from my post-football-game nap until the sun was setting. maybe next weekend.

» jim (link) » october 30, 2005 5:09pm

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