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wired says that it doesn’t matter which high-definition dvd becomes king, because online distribution will rule them all. that sounds about right. there’s also some comments about what this means for the neighborhood video store. the video store owner strikes me as the least optimistic. that says something.

matt welch writes this week’s “outside the tent” piece in the los angeles times, dinging them for their three flavors of gentrification stories. amen. but where would the times be without being able to recycle the same old stories, like their regular car vs. public transportation sagas?

subscriber counts for los angeles times feeds

i thought i’d do a quick count of how many people are subscribed to each of the scraped the los angeles times news feeds i provide. this is based on unique ip addresses and the bloglines report of subscribers.

michael kinsley, editorial page editor of the los angeles times (or some title similar to that i’m too lazy to look up), writes in his column that blogs are better, because he liked the feedback he got in response to something he had published on a couple of popular blogs.

he attributes some of this to space, but it seems the la times has failed to recognize that they have a website. of course, it is an amazingly lame web site, that offers nothing in the way of social interaction, actively discourages you to read articles by collecting pointless demographic information so it can send you email you don’t want, and hasn’t embraced rss or atom. i read the content of three major newspaper web sites now. the washington post , the new york times, and the la times. to read the la times, i had to write code to scrape some of its pages to create rss feeds.

oh, and the three references to websites in kinsley’s column might have been more useful if they were actually links. 2004, and the los angeles times still hasn’t figured out a way to make a link from one of the articles on their website.