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“caltech” cannon stolen

hackers at mit stole the cannon that caltech stole took with permission from a prep school (more here), and that had previously been stolen in almost exactly the same manner twenty years ago by students of harvey mudd college.

did you do the monkey?

the alumni organization from hmc is doing a group tour of the king tut artifacts currently on display at lacma on september 10. it sounds kind of interesting, but i’m not sure if it’s $35 interesting. (they’ve included the self-guided audio tour in the package.)

cole’s pacific electric buffet is putting on a blood drive on august 26th, inspired by cole’s regular, and downtown resident, laura.

no, i won’t be using this as an opportunity to run a harvey mudd triathlon.

on the road again

to get to my 10-year college reunion this weekend, i signed up for flexcar and basically used that to get to claremont and back a couple of times. it worked out pretty well, although the always-lit “maintenance required” light had me a little worried.

one thought on the reunion: so many babies!

2003 tax refund charity

harvey mudd college this is coming very late in the year, because i filed very late in the year and only just today received my federal tax refund, but i have the portion of my refund from the 2003 tax year that i’ll be giving away in an envelope ready to be mailed.

harvey mudd college, which i somehow escaped from with a degree, is the beneficiary this year (again). the donation is earmarked for student scholarships.