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can’t someone else do it?

a joe job directed at my wife’s domain was the final little push i needed to start migrating all of our mail handling over to google apps. i am not super-excited to put it all in the hands of google, but free is a tough price to beat.

i am also working on shifting the primary dns for all of our various domains to everydns, which i was already using for secondary service (with an unlisted primary). the interface is clunkier than just editing the tinydns data file, but it is one less service i have to worry about.

need a grandcentral invite

any users of grandcentral out there that want to hook me up with an invite?

it is a service (that was acquired by google) that allows you to have a single forwarding/voicemail number that rings multiple phones.

colobus on google code

i created a google code project for colobus and imported the old releases into the repository. i’m not a huge subversion fan, but it didn’t make much sense to stick with bitkeeper with no free version available, and making system administration google’s problem seemed like a good thing.

i’ve folded in a couple of patches that were sitting in my inbox, and have another bigger one to put the group information into the database.

you got to have a membership card to get inside

i signed up for google analytics, and it refused to recognize that the tracking code had been installed. i’m just taking that as a sign that i should continue to not care about traffic to my site.